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Podcast #63: We’re back but Federer is OUT

August 1, 2016
We are back after a 2016 post Wimbledon 2-week-hiatus and we had a lot to talk about (as usual) but I am not sure if it is gonna be about the actual tennis played . Do note that Andreen's mic was still on hiatus at times so it went MIA in a few spots but we still got the general gist of what she had to say. Don't forget this episode and all other episodes can be found on both YouTube and iTunes for your easy listening. You can tweet us and/or comment on all those platforms ESPECIALLY BELOW!! Andreen (@A_Galivant), Janina (@JLR78) and Realz (@RealzTenisFanz) 

0:04:25 - Results including the ATP & WTA Rogers' Cup. Discussing Simona's enigma. 
0:22:25 - On court coaching for the men??? 
0:33:25 - Federer is out for the rest of 2016. What does that mean??
0:48:00 - How will the absence of Federer and by extension Divadal mean for the ATP Tour? 
1:14:25 - A slight aside about Venus Williams 
1:15:45 - Olympics Newz
1:24:10 - Vika is having a baby. When will Vika 4.0 come back on tour?
1:29:15 - Russia is playing dirty  
1:40:25 - What is Andreen to do without a Federer on tour? Janina talking ATP numbers. 
1:53:35 - A Realz Rant and Wrapping Up!!! 

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