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Podcast #46: Tennis, You Be Too MUCH

March 22, 2016
Hey FANZ the RTF Gang is back discussing all the controversies surrounding tennis so far in 2016. Don't forget next week is MIAMI SIZZLE II!! Don't forget to COMMENT below and also find us on YouTube and ITunes (Check out the blog on Wordpress and LIKE us on Facebook. 

Realz (@RealzTenisFanz) @Andreen (A_Galivant) and Janina (@JLR78) on Twitter

0:03:46 - Maria and the Meldonium Melodrama
0:38:40 - BuzzFeed and BBC fixing for a fight with the ATP 
0:55:00 - A Lil Bit about Indian Wells and Venus' Return
1:01:23 - Ray Moore or Less
1:17:15 - Djoker and his brand of feminism 
1:30:00 - Soley Tennis Travels at Indian Wells 
1:47:25 - Discussing the Finals and What's up with Serena "Flopping"? 
2:05:25 - Shamelessly plugging Miami Sizzle II
2:09:25 - Realz apologizes to Sergei Stakhovsky 

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