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Podcast #37: Happy New Year - Realz Tenis Fanz Questions of 2016!!

January 5, 2016
So we are trying to start the year off with a BANG and instead of the usual New Year's Resolutions, we decided to consider the tough questions of the 2016 Season. Don't forget to comment below and let us know what you think are the top answers.
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0:05:40 - Which tournament is most likely to be annihilated by the Olympics?
0:15:15 - Who is going to vulture Olympic Gold?
0:21:00 - Who is the next "it" tennis couple?
0:25:20 - Which player is most likely the next to be married?
0:31:10 - Which clay tournament will Federer bless us with his presence as his pre-French Open warm up?
0:34:40 - Who will be the next celebrity coach and which player will get such a coach?
0:42:10 - Who will be the next first time slam winner and/or will be anointed to win his/her first slam?
0:48:10 - Who will be the next PR BFFs in 2016?
0:57:00 - Who is the next surprised retiree in 2016?
1:03:25 - What is the next big doping scandal?
1:09:40 - Who will have the next tennis beef?
1:15:05 - Bonus Question!!!

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