RealzTenisFanz Podcast

Podcast #102: Davis Cup v Haters Cup

October 2, 2017

In our exuberance of the Laver Cup in our previous podcast, we realized that not all are happy with this new "event" being slated on the ATP calendar. We decided to invite Brian Boyd (@bboyd27 on Twitter) and noted journalist to share his views on his objections to the event. We had a spirited debate about the matter and hope you enjoy the conversation. Janina was not able to be a part of this conversation as she was away being a responsible parent she said (She was not paid for her absence). Don't forget to find us on Twitter, YouTube and iTunes. ENJOY AND COMMENT BELOW!!! Do note that my comment about money at the end of the podcast was said in jest and was in reference to getting possible advertisers on the show if we get a high rating on the podcast platforms!!! It was NOT a request for donations!.