Podcast #116: Nadal is on Clay which means We are Hitting the Hay!!

April 23, 2018

We are back for our 116th podcast and just in time for the 2018 clay court season. It is going to be a doozer and so far it has not disappoint. We get dirty in the matter as well as discuss whatever else is going on on the WTA. OF COURSE @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) et moi @RealzTenisFanz (Realz) are here for you on Podbean, YouTube as well as iTunes. I think we a lot of other places but I don't know how but those links all work just the same it seems. DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW ...

0:03:40 - Realz Resultz (ATP Houston, Marakkech, WTA Charleston, Lugano, Bogota, Monterrey, Fed Cup and Davis Cup)
0:28:00 - We are giving you the dirt on Monte Carlo. Contending with the King of Clay. Where is the current generation to compete with Divadal on clay?
1:17:14 - Wrapping Up! What's coming up on the tours!!


Podcast #115: Miami Sizzle 2018 is on since Miami Open has been Cancelled

March 31, 2018

Since not much going on at the Miami Open 2018 since Federer lost and Delpo couldn't stop Isner from getting to the finals, we decide to get our Miami Sizzle on early. So as always we are discussing the menz of the ATP and we have themes for our choices:

@A_Gallivant aka A (as of right now it seems) She decided to go with "Top Hot No 1s"

@JLR78 aka Janina from Foreign Ohio, her theme was Top 6 men of the ATP who did not age well/sun beaten/leather worn/just ugly

@RealzTenisFanz (Realz) and @Shawnyr10 ("Shane" ) both being the thots that they are were just about who we would love to know ...biblically.

Now it is your own to put your top 6 in the comment section AND defend or drag other folks choices. I expect a lively debate IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!!

Oh yeah we did discuss some tennis for yall 


Podcast #114: The Federer Foundation For the Needy Delpo

March 21, 2018

SOOOOO I finally got to put out our 114th Podcast. I am no snitch but I am just saying you can blame the foreigner from Ohio. This is an "EXTRA LONG" podcast but we have a special guest with us Maya of Twitter fame @MzmayaE who told us all about her time at Indian Wells. OF COURSE @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) et moi @RealzTenisFanz (Realz) are still in our feelings about this Federer Foundation for the Needy Delpo. We also deal with other matters supporting tennis. DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW ... Also, of course, WELCOME TO ALL THE "HATERS TO OUR FEDCAST FOR YOUR FIRST LISTENING! REALLY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

0:03:15 - Maya at Indian Wells 2018 and her top 6 hot ATP faves!!
0:48:45 - Getting into our feelings about Federer v Delpo
1:05:14 - Realz Resultz While We Were Away (Diego, Karen, Tiafoe, Delpo, RBA, Fognini on the ATP and Svitolina, Van Uytvanck and Tsurenko)
1:13:50 - Naomi Osaka, Venus, Serena and all the other ladies at this Premier Mandatory Event
1:24:50 - Realz Newz (Haas Retired from tennis AGAIN!!! We are still in our feelings about the Federer loss)
1:31:30 - What is Nole doing here? What's going on with him? Do we even care? We are still in our feelings about Federer loss
1:42:45 - Venus losing AGAIN!!! Don't yall be coming for Venus at press conferences
1:44:45 - What we think of Serena and Serena v Venus and Vika
1:50:00 - Federer in Chicago for the Laver Cup! Scruffy Federer
1:53:50 - Messy Benjamin and his Misogynoir!
2:00:00 - Indian Wells Doing that Fucking Bullshit again v the Williams Sisters
2:02:50 -Tennis Press Core, what are you here for? Let's ban it
2:05:15 - Wrapping Up this Messy Sunday/Miami Sizzle Preview
2:08:50 - Andreen living it up at the Hyatt for Indian Wells


RTF Special: Black Panther #Wakanda Forever

February 25, 2018

So we are having a lil chat live with our friends from Tennis Twitter about the movie Black Panther.. There is moi of course (Realz) @RealzTenisFanz, (Andreen) @A_Gallivant, (Janina) @JLR78 and two special guests (Emmanuel/O) @olutrain and (Jasmin) @fiorebianca. As always your participation is needed.. Check us out on YouTube, iTunes and Podbean. Comment below. Let us know what you liked, didn't like and what you thought of it all. 


Podcast #113: And Federer is Number 1 AGAIN!!!

February 19, 2018

So we are beyond elated that our fave Roger Federer is back at Number 1. And with us being the Roger Federer of tennis podcasts aka #FedCast, we got something to say about it. Of course we got something to say about other stuff just the same. So take a listen and DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW!!! You can also Tweet us at @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz).

0:03:20 - Davis and Fed Cup results: The Return of Serena to Professional Tennis??
0:17:35 - Is the WTA on fire or are they just a flickering flame? Petra is on a good run
0:20:00 - WTA and ATP Tour events results (WTA Doha and ATP Montpellier, Quito, Sofia, Buenos Aires, Long Island)
0:30:15 - Who brings an ATP tournament in Long Island?
0:32:25 - ATP Rotterdam and the Roofers: Why yall so mad Federer has ambition?
0:50:10 - What the fuck Sloane? What the motherfucking fuck is this Sloane?
0:56:35 - Donald Young v Ryan Harrison


Podcast #112: Spilling more ATP with Sergiy Stakhovsky

February 5, 2018

Our 112th podcast sees us going back to the wonderful well of information that is Sergiy Stakhovsky @Stako_tennis. He gave us some insight as to life on the tour as well as all the discussion about players' unions, money matters, the possibilities, dreams and realities of organizing the tour for labour issues. We have some idea of what happened in Melbourne. We ... well Andreen (@A_Gallivant) et moi (@RealzTenisFanz) also provided some "helpful" suggestions to take back to the tour. Janina (@JLR78) was there to reign us in. There is a discussion and the post-discussion of the matter after the interview. SPECIAL THANKS TO SERGIY FOR TAKING THE TIME OUT OF HIS BUSY AND PROFESSIONAL SCHEDULE TO CHAT WITH US AGAIN. DON'T FORGET TO THANK HIM ON SOCIAL MEDIA. IF YOU WANNA CONTINUE TO HATE HIM, DIRECT YOUR HATERATION TO US NOT HIM. HE DOESN'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT. 



Fedcast #111: Federer is Feeling #20 but the Roofers Are Not!!

January 29, 2018

We are here for the final edition of Australian Open 2018 and we are LIVE .... so get ready for another raucous episode where we will discuss Federer, Federer and Federer. As well as Caroline, Simona, Tennys, Conspiracies, Money, Roofs and Heat Index .... Don't forget to tweet us at @A_Gallivant, @JLR78 and @RealzTenisFanz. You can also comment in the YouTube chat as this is #RTFLivecast

0:05:05 - What do you think of the Australian Open?

0:10:18 - The Women's Draw- The Quarters onwards, Semis; The Final Woz v Halep. What's going with Maddy? Angie isn't all the way back? What's up with Halep? Is Woz at the beginning of something here or she's at the end of her slamless effort?

0:45:05 - The Menz Draw - Why we telling Chung to finish the match but not Divadal? The Quiet Quarters. Is Berdych Back? Divadal is continuing being injured. Grigor isn't so Gregarious and Novak isn't looking himself. The Final: Federer v Cilic. #20

1:32:00 - Realz Newz: The Roofers, Scheduling/Preferential Night Sessions, Weather/Climate Change

1:51:00 - Tennis on Tennys - Yall flirting with racism like it's debatable. NO IT'S NOT!!!

2:17:05 - Other Newz No Women v Menz Tours, Fed Cup tickets

2:18:50 - Alize missing tests and other doping things

2:31:20 - Wrapping Up and Embracing these crazy conspiracies theories!


Podcast #110: The Super Mega Aussie Open Mid Major Report

January 22, 2018

We are here half way through this major but we are giving you the whole story on all the important happenings as well as a live report from the event. As always we are coming to you live and you are free to comment and interact with us on YouTube or via Twitter @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). We talk a lot of tennis breaking down what's left of the women's draw and the much of the usual suspects on the men's side.

SPECIAL THANKS TO @shawnyr10 for travelling all the way to Melbourne Australia for his first live Australian Open and giving us a live report though he is disappointed that Serena was not present.


Podcast #109: A Meta Epic Super Heroic Draw Show Down Under

January 13, 2018

We are set for a MEGA Draw Show as we go through the singles draws .... at least what's present as the qualies aren't even over. But this is 2018 so you know mess around. But we are here to save you from it all!!! Tweet us at @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). Join in the chat on YouTube or tweet us #RTFLivecast


Podcast #108: We are here FOUR you in 2018 though Serena and Murray are not!!!

January 8, 2018

WE ARE BACK FOR 2018 for our FOURTH SEASON of podcasting though Murray and Serena won't be with us, we should still celebrate our return. We are picking up where we left off in 2017 with fun, frivolity and fabulous fan perspective on this messy sport of professional tennis. We are also partnering with Tony @tjc05 and TennisWatchers.com @tenniswatchers in our effort to get fanz watching tennis. You can find us on Twitter, @A_Gallivant (Andreen) @JLR78 (Janina) et moi (@RealzTenisFanz), podbean and iTunes! DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW AND SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!

TennisWatchers.com/twmerch (DISCOUNT:15% OFF 2018 calendars using PROMO CODE RealzDownUnder)

0:06:00 - Partnership Pause for TennisWatchers.com
0:09:30 - Realz Tennis Resultz (ATP events in Abu Dhabi, SERENA'S RETURN Hopman Cup, Pune, Brisbane and Doha, WTA Brisbane, Shenzhen and Auckland)
0:57:10 - Upcoming tennis events
1:03:30 - Partnership Pause TennisWatchers.com/twmerch (PROMO: 15% OFF CODE RealzDownUnder)
1:06:25 - Realz Newz (Serena's Absence from Australia)
1:11:50 - Nole is Returning?? ATP's Walking Wounded Murray and Kei won't be in Melbourne. The Fragility of Tennis Bodies
1:37:20 - Bellucci's Silent Ban and Tennis's Dodgy Doping Stance
1:50:30 - Our Tennis Wishlist/New Year's Resolutions for 2018