Podcast #90:The Smooth Criminals French Open Live Draw Show 2017

May 27, 2017

We are LIVE for our annual 2017 French Open Draw and we wanna hear from you. Tweet us at @A_Gallivant (Andreen) @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz) Under the theme of Criminal/Crime Family, we divide up the draw as only we can.

0:07:15 - Women's Draw
1:08:15 - Men's Draw


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Podcast #89: Really Wasn’t Ready for These Roman Resultz

May 22, 2017

Our 89th podcast finds us discussing the penultimate clay court event in Roma where we were pleasantly surprised with two brand new winners of premiere events. As we are in Rome, our 3rd annual ladies ranking is also on the menu. Nonetheless, there was some very interesting newz to discuss so a long podcast came into being just for you to get you through this "rest week" before the French Open next. Don't forget next Friday 5/26/17 will be our live French Open draw show. So get ready. Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen)....Don't forget you can find this episode and ALL other episodes on Podbean and on iTunes! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

0:02:37 - Who on the ATP we want to see in a Male Jumper?
0:07:40 - Realz Resultz (Svitolina and Sascha surprised us all) What's up with Simona?
0:23:30 - Novak is a bloody Nut Job
0:50:00 - Can we talk about the #1's particularly Murray?
1:01:20 - A lil bit more about this Agassi & Djoker partnership
1:05:40 - Federer, the French and the Foolish talk
1:14:10 - Sharapova will not get a French Wild Card
1:36:40 - Does the WTA need Sharapova to get folks to watch tennis?
1:47:30 - The 3rd Annual Top 6 Ladies
2:40:00 - Wrapping up!!!


Podcast#88: Rafael Nadal - The Return of the King of Clay

May 16, 2017

Our 88th podcast finds us in the middle of the clay season and no surprise Divadal is King!! We discuss this and more. Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen)....Don't forget you can find this episode and ALL other episodes on Podbean and on iTunes! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

0:03:00 - Let us acknowledge that Divadal aka Rafa Nadal is slaying on the dirt 2017; Who are the 16 guys who won Masters' titles from 2005-2017 not named Murray, Djokovic, Federer and Divadal
0:11:15 - Scrub Alert (Frances Tiafoe won a Challenger over Jeremy Chardy in Aix-en-Provence
0:14:50 - Talking about the brutal assault of Djoker by Divadal
0:32:25 - Special Mention for Dominic Thiem and his efforts on the dirt
0:35:15 - What is going with the WTA? Bouchard beat Sharapova,
0:41:25 - PTI but how Murray is losing to Boran Coric AGAIN?
0:47:00 - Simona Halep on the rise again?
0:51:25 - KiKi cannot get a tennis crown but she is the Gossip Queen
0:58:00 - Steve Simon had something to say about Illia Nasty showing up Madrid and Simona your silence is loud!
1:04:00 - The WTA Insider Courtney Nyugen getting exposed on the outside
1:11:29 - Wrapping Up and previewing our Ladies Top 6 for next podcast and the Draw Show for the 2017 French Open



Podcast #87: It’s a DjokoLife

May 9, 2017

In our 87th Podcast, and we got some bootlegged sound effects just for you!! This is a special podcast because we devoted a whole lot of time for the man who invented tennis in 2011 Novak Djokovic. Of we had to talk about him Cleaning Housing and Keeping the Guru! I do apologize for my own Realz sound. I was at the time of the recording dealing with allergies Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen)....Don't forget you can find this episode and ALL other episodes on Podbean and on iTunes! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

0:04:40 - Realz Results (WTA Rabat and WTA Prague along with ATP Estoril and ATP Munich)
0:11:35 - Special Shoutout to the ATP and their Elias Ymer video
0:19:30 - WTA Scheduling is a MESS
0:21:40 - Previewing the Genie v Maria match and Maria's Marketing
0:36:00 - We must be Djoking with this long section on Novak Djokovic talking about his dismissals and the Guru who remains Pepe Le Peu. Is Novak finally interesting?
1:18:20 - Previewing the Preview of the men's French Open
1:20:55 - Wrapping Up


Podcast#86: Cue No Sound Effects for the Dirt

May 3, 2017

In our 86th Podcast, we say au revoir to our beloved sound effects!! We have to go it alone without the glitz and glamour of the Google Soundeffects!!! We deal with the four tournaments played, Sharapova's return, Divadal's "return" and Federer is playing the French? Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen)....Don't forget you can find this episode and ALL other episodes on YouTube and on iTunes! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

0:02:20 - Is the 2017 Clay Season thus far just dirt?
0:07:05 - The Realz Resultz (ATP Barcelona, ATP Budapest, WTA Stuttgart and WTA Istanbul)
0:21:05 - Genie wants Maria in a Bottle/Maria has returned but the WTA matches are gone from TV?
0:46:28 - Can we talk about KiKi for a bit?
0:49:52 - Simona Halep (Cue the Titanic Orchestra)
0:52:50 - ATP Menz and Dan Evans showing his ass and xenophobia
0:56:56 - What going on with Andy Murray, the world's number 1? Where are the menz who are supposed to be stepping it up?
1:06:35 - Federer for the French!!! But what about Divadal?
1:10:55 - Grigor is getting Gorgeous!!??
1:15:10 - We are back to Divadal and the French Prospects. What about Nole?
1:26:40 - Wrapping Up and Il Nasty!!


Podcast #85: WTF Tennis? Do you know no CHILL???

April 25, 2017

So for our 85th Podcast, we go in full on with the various results of the last two weeks and all the drama surrounding the events. We are extra long for being out last week. We know how much you love us when we are long and extra! Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen)....Don't forget you can find this episode on YouTube and on iTunes! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

0:03:50 - Realz Resultz (Houston, Charleston, Bogota, Marrakech, Monterrey and Monte Carlo) What's going on with Kerber? Where is Sara Errani? Ferrer? Divadal is back?? Divadal not a gentleman?? Players Invitational Open, Fed Cup
1:06:00 - Ilia Nasty and the Romania/GB Fed Cup tie
1:32:20 - Serena Got a Bun in the Oven
1:48:10 - Maria, Max and the Mass Media
2:06:30 - Wrapping Up


Podcast #84: Federer Express Full Steam Ahead

April 4, 2017

Well there so much to celebrate and even much more to talk about. Miami was interesting in many ways but we are closing the hardcourt season for a bit to move onto clay. We get into Miami and also have a special guest "Shane" @Shawnyr10 who was at the event. Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen)....

0:03:50 - Miami WTA Report (Venus, Konta, Wozniacki, Angie)
0:23:00 - WTF Konta?? WTA fix this!!!!
0:31:00 - You can't come for Venus and her age!!
0:39:20 - Sharapova is Women Leadership?
0:44:20 - Miami ATP Report (Did you miss Djoker and Murray?)
0:52:00 - Crowd Control or Fandom Control?
1:10:15 - Federer v Divadal
1:41:25 - "Shane" makes a visit to our podcast to talk about Miami, his main man Rafa, spilling some tea and his "#SexySix"
2:03:00 - Wrapping Up!!!


Podcast#83: RTFLivecast 3rd Annual #MiamiSizzle #SexySix

March 25, 2017

We are bringing you our annual Miami Sizzle Episode live this year because we want you to be in on it and give us your #SexySix as well. We are liquored up and ready to go... It's raining in Miami so you better be here LIVE. Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen). Don't forget to comment below and you can find this episode as well as on YouTube and iTunes


Podcast#82: Oh How Swell was Indian Wells

March 21, 2017

We have another exciting podcast for you dealing all things Indian Wells 2017. We have a special guest in the form in one of our Fanz, Peter (@thaiguy84 on Twitter) gives us all the ins and outs of the Irving Texas Challenger which are the big boy scrubs come to play. Peter is the tournament DJ so he is up close to all the action. Don't forget to tweet us at @A_Galivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz) You can also find this episode and all our episodes on YouTube and iTunes

0:01:35 - Irving Tennis Classics Presented by BMW of Dallas giving us all the exclusive of this Challenger event in Texas. Peter also has some insight into his favourite fave, Andy Murray.
0:28:30 - Andreen you were doing what for a living?
0:32:25 - Indian Wells the Atmosphere and Creating that experience (No tennis outfits at tennis events unless you're a pro player)
0:48:10 - WTA Indian Wells (Kuzi v Vesnina Final) What happened? Why no joy or love for the ladies?
1:14:10 - ATP Indian Wells (Kei, Fed, Stan, Jock, Grigor, Divadal, Nole, Jaziri and Yoshito)
1:39:30 - We are done with Maria! She has been dealt with on here (Check out Podcasts #46, #58 and #71 as well as two Special episodes one with Richard Engs and the other right after the initial announcement of the doping ban)
1:40:20 - RTF Podcast Miami Sizzle Preview and Maya Shoutout!!!


Podcast #81: The Boyz Are Back In Town

March 7, 2017

We know you missed us for not being here last week but like most of our male faves, we are back on tour! The Big 3 and Murray were actually playing and we are here to discuss all the results as well as the tidbits around the tour. Don't forget to tweet us at @A_Galivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). You can also find us on iTunes and Podbean!!! DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW, RATE AND COMMENT ON ITUNES AND YOUTUBE.. WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU FANZ

0:03:10 -  Realz Resultz (WTA Budapest, WTA Dubai, Acapulco Kuala Lumpur)

  • Kiki you're not invited
  • Who is gonna play with Kiki?
  • Milos is always absent and Showtime Nick
  • ATP Acapulco (Querying about Sam Querrey) Nole what’s going on?
  • ATP Dubai (Federer’s bromance with Norman fucking up his life) Verdasco!!!

1:02:10 - Why can’t I watch the WTA on TV?

1:13:35 - Petra sign but where was Indian Wells sign for Serena and Venus?

1:14:30 - Sinclair Broadcast Group running a tennis communication monopoly

1:18:20 - Doug Adler again at it

1:27:05 - Wild Card Maria

1:47:35 - NoleFam tried Janina