RTF Special: On James Blake’s Ways of Grace

July 31, 2017

We had a live discussion on the new book by James Blake, Ways of Grace. We broke it down as we do all things tennis and life related. Thank you to those who joined us and to those who will listen later. Don't forget that we are on Podbean and iTunes. You can tweet us at (Andreen) @A_Gallivant, (Janina) @JLR78 and moi (Realz) @RealzTenisFanz

CONTEST ALERT: There is a free copy of the book to give away. All you have to do is give this podcast a listen and express a substantial impression on the matter at hand as well as a desire to get the copy IN THE COMMENT section. You cannot tweet us for this though we always appreciate your feedback. A random selection will happen on a subsequent podcast in the near future.


Podcast #97: Wimbledon 2017 Wrap Up

July 24, 2017

We decided to do another Wimbledon Podcast because it was so bittersweet and perhaps we were so emotional that we forgot to talk about some important things ... like Andreen's Wimbledon excursion. I forced the two ladies into recording this episode. You can comment below as always and also find us on Twitter, Andreen (@A_Gallivant), Janina (@JLR78) and Realz (@RealzTenisFanz)

0:06:00 - Realz Resultz (What's going on tennis letting freaks get onto court?)
0:17:30 - Andreen's Soley Tennis Travel to Wimbledon 2017 (Ticketing, Meeting Twitter Peeps, Food, Alcohol, Matches and Ambiance)
0:52:30 - Why no mad love for Mugz?
1:01:00 - What's going on with the men's tour? (Novak is going away for a bit or forever? Tomic Talk, Ilia Nasty. Mischa's new coach)
1:20:35 - Wrapping up


Podcast #96: Fantastic Federer, Vanquished Venus and MFing Muguruza

July 17, 2017

What a weird Wimbledon, they decided not to have a women's final on Saturday and skip straight to the men's final on Sunday. We are here to talk about all things Wimbledon and put an end to this grass court affair. Don't worry I gave Mugs her props. We thank Susie for giving Andreen a fabulous time at SW19!!! You can find us on Twitter @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). This podcast and all others can be also found on YouTube and iTunes. Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW!!!

Special mention to Minipeople.ch for the photo insert in this podcast!

0:04:30 - Working through my feelings about this Vanquished Venus
0:28:00 - Accessing the other ladies on tour (Kerber, Ostapenko, Azarenka, Halep et al)
0:55:00 - The men's tour was messy (Tsonga, Grigor, Raonic. What's with Murray? Novak?) Federer's cake walk
1:58:00 - Wrapping up and previewing our next special podcast on James Blake's Ways of Grace!!!


Podcast #95: Magical Middle Sunday

July 10, 2017

I don't know about you folks but most of my draws particularly on the women's side have been damaged beyond magical repair. How did you do? Let's talk about these Court Assignment, Venus Vindication and so much more ...You can find us on Twitter @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). This podcast and all others can be also found on YouTube, Podbean and iTunes. Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW!!!

0:03:00 - Women's Draw
0:45:35 - Men's Draw
1:18:20 - Court Assignments
1:38:00 - Bernard Tomic
1:49:30 - Nicholas Kyrgios
1:57:00 - Venus Vindicated
2:07:20 - Bethanie Mattek-Sands Injury
2:13:00 - Wrapping Up ..




Podcast#94: Wimbledon Witchcraft and Wizardry Draw Show

July 1, 2017

RealzTenisFanz Sorting Hat Song

Oh you may think that we are petty,

But do judge us on what you’ll hear.

For I have no doubt you’ll find

A better tennis podcast here or there


You can keep the other podcasts.

Your ESPN, Tennis Channel or illegal streams

For none of them can boast

Of ever having Realz, Janina or Andreen


We break it down like no other,

Giving you all the tea and drama.

When the others bow to sponsors

We just say hellz no with that bullshit matter


So another live podcast for you Realz Fanz,

Which as always will make you splutter.

For the theme of this major’s draw livecast

Is none other than Harry Potter.


We will divide up your faves by Houses,

Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff Gryffindors.

But yall know some can’t be sorted

As they are really silly, duds and bores


There will be trolls, goblins and giants

Not forgetting house elves too like Dobby

But since they were modelled after slaves you see

We will not/cannot pick anybody


Is Divadal Gryffindor as Murray plays Hufflepuff?

Will Novak be Slytherin to Roger refulgent Ravenclaw?

Who will take Garbina, Caro, Simona or Vika Azarenka?

Do Kerber even get sorted when she’s crashing out the draw


This is Wimbledon grass you know

The oldest tennis tournament on the planet

But we don’t care for the traditions

As we want our faves to win gosh darnit


So pull out your sorcerer/philosopher's stone and your goblet of fire

Don’t be an Azkaban prisoner in some secret chamber

We are the Phoenix Order with a Realz half blood prince

As I hope our deathly hallows bring you no stranger danger






Podcast #93: Cutting through the Grass with Maria and Federer

June 27, 2017

So life got in the way and we had to reshuffle some stuff in order to get this podcast out to you because we love you! We are discussing all the highlights and lowlights in the past two weeks surrounding grass court tennis heading into the 2017 Wimbledon. Don't forget to tweet us at @A_Galivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). You can also find us on iTunes and YouTube!!! DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW, RATE AND COMMENT ON ITUNES AND PODBEAN.. WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU FANZ!!

0:02:20 - WTA Fix Yourself!!! Why must I go on a quest to find you on tv?
0:13:20 - WTA Resultz (Nottingham, S-Hertogenbosch, Birmingham, Mallorca) Donna won a title yall
0:29:40 - ATP Resultz (Stuttgart, S-Hertogenbosch, Halle and Queens) Federer won his 93rd title and FeFe Lopez winning again and looking HOTTER THAN EVER
0:57:15 - Can we make any fair assessment for anyone heading into Wimbledon?
1:05:15 - Boys behaving Badly As Usual (Dan Evans, Neil Harmon, Boris Becker, Andre Agassi and John McEnroe)
1:19:34 - Main Story Tonight - Maria Sharapova's Point aka Pointless
1:45:00 - Wrapping up and Hyping Our #RTFLiveCast for Wimbledon 2017 Draw Show (6/30/17@9:30PM EST)


Podcast #92: Outstanding From Ostapenko But La Decima is Fake News

June 11, 2017

Welcome to the final installment of our 2017 French Open LiveCast and we hope our fanz and haterz would join with us as we erase all of these last two weeks from memory. Don't forget you can tweet us at @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz).

We discuss "La Decima", the poor state of the ATP, Ostapenko's performance and the missed and taken opportunities of the WTA tour. We also got some lil tidbits on other news. Don't forget to comment below and find us on Podbean, iTunes and of course on YouTube.


Podcast #91: Au Milieu De L’Open De France 2017

June 5, 2017

We are discussing Week 1 of the French Open 2017 and what is to come in Week 2 as the championships draw to a close. You can tweet us @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) et moi @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). We discuss the state of our draw sheets as well as getting into the real meat of the matters, Fashion and Peggy Court. There were a few topics missing particularly the one of the youth being dismissed for harrassment and inappropriate behaviour but we... well I was drinking and we will get to that matter next week. We enjoyed ALL our listening commenting and sounding off in the live chat!! 

We are on iTunes and Youtube. There is no tracking this week because we were all over the place though we got to the men's draw before the ladies... I think. 



Podcast #90:The Smooth Criminals French Open Live Draw Show 2017

May 27, 2017

We are LIVE for our annual 2017 French Open Draw and we wanna hear from you. Tweet us at @A_Gallivant (Andreen) @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz) Under the theme of Criminal/Crime Family, we divide up the draw as only we can.

0:07:15 - Women's Draw
1:08:15 - Men's Draw


You can find this podcast and all our many other podcasts on YouTube, iTunes and Podbean


Podcast #89: Really Wasn’t Ready for These Roman Resultz

May 22, 2017

Our 89th podcast finds us discussing the penultimate clay court event in Roma where we were pleasantly surprised with two brand new winners of premiere events. As we are in Rome, our 3rd annual ladies ranking is also on the menu. Nonetheless, there was some very interesting newz to discuss so a long podcast came into being just for you to get you through this "rest week" before the French Open next. Don't forget next Friday 5/26/17 will be our live French Open draw show. So get ready. Tweet us @RealzTenisFanz (Realz), @JLR78 (Janina) and @A_Galivant (Andreen)....Don't forget you can find this episode and ALL other episodes on Podbean and on iTunes! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

0:02:37 - Who on the ATP we want to see in a Male Jumper?
0:07:40 - Realz Resultz (Svitolina and Sascha surprised us all) What's up with Simona?
0:23:30 - Novak is a bloody Nut Job
0:50:00 - Can we talk about the #1's particularly Murray?
1:01:20 - A lil bit more about this Agassi & Djoker partnership
1:05:40 - Federer, the French and the Foolish talk
1:14:10 - Sharapova will not get a French Wild Card
1:36:40 - Does the WTA need Sharapova to get folks to watch tennis?
1:47:30 - The 3rd Annual Top 6 Ladies
2:40:00 - Wrapping up!!!