Podcast 103: So Federer is the Realz No1 and Not Nadal?

October 16, 2017

HELLO FANZ another exciting episode is out for you as we are coming to the end of another tennis season .... We were treated to another Fedal final and of course Federer won it. So there is so much to talk about especially with ladies. Don't forget you can and SHOULD comment below and you can find us on Twitter @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz).

0:11:00 - The Ladies Round Up from what we can see (WTA Finals is set, possible group assignment, still no TV coverage, Simona finally gets her turn at No1 and we are not sure where Angie is. Letisha and Angel Chan...HUH?, Maria is using another performance enhancement, Garcia is getting her life together, Who is in the Fed Cup final? Wait the US is there?)

0:45:30 - The men's round up (Goffin and Divadal on a win streak. Realz is missing Nole and Andy....The Divadal stans are becoming the NoleFam... Another Fedal Final and folks seem to be stumped...Why folks mad that Federer went on vacation? .. Nole's return in 2018 will stop this Fedal madnes ...I can't with Delpo anymore

1:24:35 - The WTA and ATP Comeback Awards ... Folks yall doing too much with this nonsense. Fognini and Krygios on punishment again...Round Up... What are we doing for our season finale?


Podcast #102: Davis Cup v Haters Cup

October 2, 2017

In our exuberance of the Laver Cup in our previous podcast, we realized that not all are happy with this new "event" being slated on the ATP calendar. We decided to invite Brian Boyd (@bboyd27 on Twitter) and noted journalist to share his views on his objections to the event. We had a spirited debate about the matter and hope you enjoy the conversation. Janina was not able to be a part of this conversation as she was away being a responsible parent she said (She was not paid for her absence). Don't forget to find us on Twitter, YouTube and iTunes. ENJOY AND COMMENT BELOW!!! Do note that my comment about money at the end of the podcast was said in jest and was in reference to getting possible advertisers on the show if we get a high rating on the podcast platforms!!! It was NOT a request for donations!. 


Podcast #101: Federer saves tennis again with Laver Cup!

September 25, 2017

We are back at with another awesome episode with a few minute technical difficulties. We discuss the Laver Cup, the Davis Cup, the Baby Cup and all other cups happening in tennis since the US Open 2017. We reached around the Twitterverse and invited Susie (@pandsreid on Twitter) to tell us all about the Laver Cup and she did not disappoint in the least. AWESOME GUEST!!! Don't forget you can find this podcast and all others including the special episodes on iTunes and YouTube. You can find us on Twitter Andreen (@A_Gallivant), Janina (@JLR78) and moi Realz (@RealzTenisFanz) .... COMMENT BELOW AND RATE US ON iTUNES!!!! 


Podcast #100: We Finally Sloane Our Way to a Century

September 11, 2017

We have finally made it to our 100th episode and SO HAPPY that you have been with us all the way or at least part of the way. We got to the end of the US Open 2017 which was far more exciting on the women's side than it was on the men's but that has been the thing for a while now. 

Check it out and DONT FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW!!! You can find us on Twitter, Youtube and iTunes


Podcast #99: It’s a Serena Baby Shower US Open 2017 Draw Show Event

August 26, 2017

We are having a party to celebrate the US Open 2017 with another special theme event. We decided to throw a baby shower for Queen Serena! We weren't invited to her real 50's Grease event. We break down the draws looking at who is left in this desert field. We are excited to hear your top 16 picks or your overall picks for this year's event. COMMENT BELOW or hit us up on Twitter @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). This podcast and all others can be also found on Youtube and iTunes. Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW!!!
0:07:50 - Ladies Draw
1:05:10 - Menz Draw



Podcast #98: With Federer out again, the ATP is now officially the Absent Tennis Players

August 21, 2017

We are back and unfortunately so is Federer's too! He is out with a back injury but we are here to soothe you of all the drama and pain. We have all the run down for the North American summer hardcourt swing. We have a special guest, Chad (@ccsmooth13) on Twitter who is giving us all the lowdown of Cincy Tennis. 

0:04:10 - Realz Resultz (ATP Washington, ATP Montreal, WTA Stanford and WTA Toronto)
0:12:20 - Chatting with Chad about Cincy
0:56:10 - What's going on with the ATP aka Absent Tennis Professionals? 
1:15:00 - Assessing the fields for the US Open
1:27:20 - Realz Resultz (Sara Errani Testosteroni Pasta and Vika and her Baby Daddy Drama)


RTF Special: On James Blake’s Ways of Grace

July 31, 2017

We had a live discussion on the new book by James Blake, Ways of Grace. We broke it down as we do all things tennis and life related. Thank you to those who joined us and to those who will listen later. Don't forget that we are on Podbean and iTunes. You can tweet us at (Andreen) @A_Gallivant, (Janina) @JLR78 and moi (Realz) @RealzTenisFanz

CONTEST ALERT: There is a free copy of the book to give away. All you have to do is give this podcast a listen and express a substantial impression on the matter at hand as well as a desire to get the copy IN THE COMMENT section. You cannot tweet us for this though we always appreciate your feedback. A random selection will happen on a subsequent podcast in the near future.


Podcast #97: Wimbledon 2017 Wrap Up

July 24, 2017

We decided to do another Wimbledon Podcast because it was so bittersweet and perhaps we were so emotional that we forgot to talk about some important things ... like Andreen's Wimbledon excursion. I forced the two ladies into recording this episode. You can comment below as always and also find us on Twitter, Andreen (@A_Gallivant), Janina (@JLR78) and Realz (@RealzTenisFanz)

0:06:00 - Realz Resultz (What's going on tennis letting freaks get onto court?)
0:17:30 - Andreen's Soley Tennis Travel to Wimbledon 2017 (Ticketing, Meeting Twitter Peeps, Food, Alcohol, Matches and Ambiance)
0:52:30 - Why no mad love for Mugz?
1:01:00 - What's going on with the men's tour? (Novak is going away for a bit or forever? Tomic Talk, Ilia Nasty. Mischa's new coach)
1:20:35 - Wrapping up


Podcast #96: Fantastic Federer, Vanquished Venus and MFing Muguruza

July 17, 2017

What a weird Wimbledon, they decided not to have a women's final on Saturday and skip straight to the men's final on Sunday. We are here to talk about all things Wimbledon and put an end to this grass court affair. Don't worry I gave Mugs her props. We thank Susie for giving Andreen a fabulous time at SW19!!! You can find us on Twitter @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). This podcast and all others can be also found on YouTube and iTunes. Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW!!!

Special mention to Minipeople.ch for the photo insert in this podcast!

0:04:30 - Working through my feelings about this Vanquished Venus
0:28:00 - Accessing the other ladies on tour (Kerber, Ostapenko, Azarenka, Halep et al)
0:55:00 - The men's tour was messy (Tsonga, Grigor, Raonic. What's with Murray? Novak?) Federer's cake walk
1:58:00 - Wrapping up and previewing our next special podcast on James Blake's Ways of Grace!!!


Podcast #95: Magical Middle Sunday

July 10, 2017

I don't know about you folks but most of my draws particularly on the women's side have been damaged beyond magical repair. How did you do? Let's talk about these Court Assignment, Venus Vindication and so much more ...You can find us on Twitter @A_Gallivant (Andreen), @JLR78 (Janina) and @RealzTenisFanz (Realz). This podcast and all others can be also found on YouTube, Podbean and iTunes. Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW!!!

0:03:00 - Women's Draw
0:45:35 - Men's Draw
1:18:20 - Court Assignments
1:38:00 - Bernard Tomic
1:49:30 - Nicholas Kyrgios
1:57:00 - Venus Vindicated
2:07:20 - Bethanie Mattek-Sands Injury
2:13:00 - Wrapping Up ..