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The Black Cauldron Ep. 16 : A Realz Harry Potter Series (Half-Blood Prince Part 3)

August 18, 2020

Welcome to a new quarantine project brought to you by the RealzTenisFanz Podcast! We are excited to have the lovely Deb (@shackle52) that most of you already know from twitter to join Realz (@realztenisfanz) and Janina (@jlr78) as we break down the Harry Potter series while Andreen is locked up in Azkaban for not sharing our love of this magical world! We will be taking a literary dive into all 7 Harry Potter books in chronological order. We hope you will be an active part of this series.

We are finally here at Dumbledore lesson and in true classic Black Cauldron style, we basically got through 1.5 of the lessons. Why are wizards acting so poorly about dressing in the muggle world? What of the Gaunt shack and the members that we see? The socio-economic implications of their life as well as hints of incestuous relationships. Again race/ethnicity and racial politics coming out in the wizarding world. We got into a philosophical debate of whether the love potion is no different than a date rape drug. We are very interested in hearing from you about this matter.  

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